Safety Division

We are proud to be building our safety division. Our Safety Manager, Blair Nickerson, brings to the team extensive fire and safety practical knowledge. Formerly part of a fire department in Nova Scotia, Blair has also managed major oil and gas fire safety and management contracts and commercial industry fire suppression installation and support contracts.


Currently, under Blair’s leadership, our safety division offers the following services:

  • supply AMEREX fire extinguishers and service all fire extinguishers to NFPA 10 standards.
  • certified to inspect, recharge and complete maintenance on low pressure hydostatic testing, pressurised water, dry chemical units (including cartridge operated).
  • inspect carbon dioxide and halon units
  • tag, date and sign (certify) all fire extinguishers
  • offer customer on-site services with our mobile unit

This division is working closely with government and industry standards to ensure we bring the most up to date knowledge to our customers on safety standards. We are certified and in compliance with NFPA 10 Standards and operate under the Intertek Warnock Hersey Testing Services Certification Program. Watch Blair performing a 6-year internal inspection of a fire extinguisher, as per industry regulations.

For more information about our safety products and services, please contact Blair directly at